Sylvie Samy lives and work in Lyon. Self-taught, she is interested in Italian Renaissance and seduced by the strength and delicacy of Da Vinci, Botticelli, Veronese... Her curiosity cut to the quick make her follow upon, over the course of her discoveries and journeys, other painting styles and other ways to comprehend the piece in its brushwork. Inevitably, her first contact with oil painting technique will become a kind of revelation and will mark her desire to take this path. She has a very keen interest for the different techniques and she needs to find all the possible ways to use them (she wrote about it in a novel called "Inspirations, petite incitation à la création" (published by La Discrète).
She graduated in painting restoration, and opened her own painter's studio in 1996 in Lyon's historical quarter, which was a way for her to feel the soul of the past and mark it in this very place. She shares her knowledge and her techniques with a growing public curious for new experiences and eager to express their personality through their achievements.
Her renewed style expresses her inside worlds and makes us see, through her eyes, a sincere vision and welcomes us to share its emotion. She exhibits her creations permanently at the Atelier Des Ombres (The workshop of shadows) and also in Belgian galleries. Sylvie Samy has also been present since 2004 in the Salons des Beaux-Arts. Her work attracts more and more amateurs and some art collectors have an enthusiastic eye on her work and follow its evolution with a rare fidelity.
Since 2010, Sylvie has been giving radio chronicles for an associative radio based in Lyon. She informs people about art newsreels and allows numerous well-known figures to express themselves on air. It's her opportunity to transmit with a different approach her passion about art by arousing people's curiosity and dare them to "walk through doors" according to the appropriate expression.

"" If I had to define its origins, I would say that my inspiration results from my passion to follow a journey within my mind. I invite you to enjoy an inner trip, an exploration of our intimate chaos, my purpose being to show that any initiatory experience, any treasure quest is simultaneously temporal and a-temporal, because it is connected with our origins.
The presence of an urban element offers us a frame constituting a basis for our imagination. Besides reflecting chronological and cultural data, this framework expresses our identity.
Reality is therefore transcended and a work produced by our subconscious appears then in the background. In this configuration, our emotions, memories and essential feelings produce an original and a-temporal interpretation of a brief instant, during which our imagination interferes with our memories and sublimates them.
Protecting our individuality despites the infiltration of a collective history determining the circumstances of our lives is audacious. This implies a fight to pursue our intimate fate, because the ideologies and technologies of our century can only offer a global answer."

My work is divided in nine Chapters:

First Chapter: Nostalgic architectures
Second Chapter: Archeo-cities
Third Chapter: Geography of feelings
Fourth Chapter: Crepuscular archaeologies
Fifth Chapter: Calligraphy of soul
Sixth Chapter : Conversations of soul
Seventh Chapter : Promises
Eighth Chapter : The reverse side of the void
Ninth Chapter : Narrative bubbles